Harris Neck Community for Justice and Preservation, Georgia

AARN is working with Harris Neck Community for Justice and Preservation to preserve the unique Harris Neck culture, re-create a green community, and protect our natural and cultural resources. This work aims to represent all the surviving families that lived on Harris Neck from 1865-1942 or owned property as of 1942. It is created by and comprised of former Harris Neck community members, property owners, and their descendants.

The specific goals of the project is to: a) reclaim the 2,687 acres of Harris Neck, b) create a new community, c) preserve the Gullah-Geechee culture, d) protect and preserve land, water, and wildlife, and e) educate the public about Harris Neck history, various cultures, and ethics of land stewardship and racial diversity and harmony.

The new Harris Neck community would be like the original one recreated through modern technology to become the home of the rightful owners. There is a priority on a model of sustainable and culturally-harmonious living for rural areas. Plans are based off the ethics and values of living Harris Neck elders which include self-reliance, living sustainably and in harmony with nature, preserving the culture and land, communal responsibility, education, entrepreneurship, meaningful work and living-wage jobs, and offering quality goods and services.