Black Farmers’ Reparations

Black Farmers In Search of Justice  

The agriculture industry in the United States reflects some of the most devastating truths about this country’s history: slavery. From slavery and countless acts of racial injustices, many African Americans continue to face intergenerational trauma, discrimination, and racism. Amongst the many hidden instances of racial injustices, the exclusion and racism that Black farmers face is possibly the most unnoticed and unheard of. The silenced minority of America’s Black farmers have rich histories that have yet to be shared – this film reveals the truth of the racism in the U.S. agricultural sector, but also the realities of people who have been denied their dream to farm and to provide. 

The vulnerable stories that are shared throughout the film depict the raw realities of being a Black farmer – overwhelming debt, opportunities denied at the federal level, and generations of families receiving trauma for fighting to keep the land that provided a livelihood for them. Through the interviews, the audience will be able to recognize the fundamental wrongdoings done against those who have been discriminated against for the color of their skin. The film gives one the privilege to be a “faithful witness” to the deep struggle that persists in the modern-day. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Black Farmers Reparations In Search of Justice, About us