Reparation Literature

Expanding our understanding of reparations, racial justice, and community organizing is a never-ending process. Here you’ll find a few good places to start: a list of peer-reviewed journal articles and books for those interested in working toward redress efforts.

AuthorTitleType of LiteratureTopicLink
Walter, Ronald W. The price of racial reconciliationBookDiscusses Redress Generally
Martin, Michael T.  and Marilyn Yaquinto, ed.Redress for historical injustices in the United States: on reparations for slavery, Jim Crow, and their legaciesEBookDiscusses Redress Generally
Henry, Charles P.Long Overdue : the Politics of Racial ReparationsBookInstance of Redress: “A Winning Case: Comparing the Rosewood and Greenwood Reparations Claims”
Hatch, John B.Race and reconciliation : redressing wounds of injuryBookDiscusses Redress Generally
United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties.Legacy of the trans-Atlantic slave trade : hearing before the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Tenth Congress, first session, December 18, 2007Discusses Redress Generally: Reparations for historical injustices.
Slave trade; Psychological aspects;
African Americans Reparations; Social conditions.
Cherwa, JohnNearly 70 years later, Florida redresses one of its ugliest episodes of racial injusticeArticleInstance of Redress: Groveland Four
Yogeeswaran, Kumar, and Maykel Verkuyten, Danny Osborne, Chris G. Sibley.“I Have a Dream” of a Colorblind Nation? Examining the Relationship between Racial Colorblindness, System Justification, and Support for Policies that Redress InequalitiesArticleGeneral Redress
Torpey, John, Burkett, Maxine.The debate over African American reparationsArticleGeneral Redress
Tuch, Steven A., Hughes, Michael.Whites’ Racial Policy Attitudes in the Twenty-First Century: The Continuing Significance of Racial ResentmentArticleGeneral Redress
Douglas, Jason A; Grills, Cheryl T; Villanueva, Sandra; Subica, Andrew M.Empowerment Praxis: Community Organizing to Redress Systemic Health DisparitiesArticleGeneral Redress
Corlett, J. AngeloHeirs of Oppression: Racism and ReparationsEBookGeneral Redress
Eric K. Yamamoto, Susan K. Serrano and Michelle Natividad RodriguezAmerican Racial Justice on Trial — Again: African American Reparations, Human Rights, and the War on TerrorArticleSpecific Overview of Reparations Cases
Stanfield, Kellin ChandlerPersistent Racial Disparity, Wealth and the Economic Surplus as the Fund for Reparations in the United StatesArticleReparations Funding
Brooks, R. L.Toward a perpetrator-focused model of slave redressArticleReparations
Barkan, E.Guilt of nationsBookReparations
Barkan, E.Historical reconciliation, redress, rights and politics.ArticleReparations
Barkan, E.Historical dialogue: Beyond transitional justice and conflict resolution In Historical JusticeArticleReparations
Campbell, J.Settling accounts? An Americanist perspective on historical reconciliationArticleReparations
Corlett, J AngeloHeirs of Oppression: Racism and ReparationsEBookReparations
Davis, Angelique M.Apologies, Reparations, and the Continuing Legacy of the European Slave Trade in the United StatesArticleApologies and Reparations
Schedler, GeorgeRacist symbols and reparations: Philosophical Reflections on vestiges of the American Civil WarBookReparations
King, J.E.A Reparatory justice curriculum for human freedom: Rewriting the story of African American dispossession and the debt owedArticleReparations
Feagin, J.R.Documenting the costs of slavery, segregation, and contemporary racism: Why reparations are in order for African Americans.ArticleReparations
Harris, A. P.Foreword: The jurisprudence of reconstructionArticleReparations
Hall, CatherineDoing reparatory history: Bringing ‘race’ and slavery homeArticleReparations
Jordan, E. C.The non-monetary value of reparations rhetoricArticleReparations
Matsuda, M. J.Voices of America: Accent, antidiscimination law, and a jurisprudence for the last reconstructionArticleReparations
Matsuda, M. J.Looking to the bottom: Critical legal studies and reparations.ArticleReparations
Ogletree Jr., C. J.Addressing the racial divide: ReparationsArticleReparations
Stanfield, Kellin ChandlerEconomic Surplus as the Fund for Reparations in the United States.” Journal of Economic IssuesArticleReparations
Yamamoto, E. K.Interracial justice: Conflict and reconciliation in post-civil rights America.Book
Doolin, K.But what does it mean? Seeking definitional clarity in restorative justice.Article
McCold, P., & Wachtel, T. (2002).Restorative justice theory validationBook ChapterRestorative Justice
Minow, M.Between vengeance and forgiveness: Facing history after genocide and mass violence.BookRestorative Justice
Nuun, K.B.Rosewood. In R.L. Brooks (Ed.), When sorry isn’t enough: The controversy over apology and reparations for human injustices.Restorative Justice
Reimund, M. E.Law and Restorative Justice: Friend or Foe-A Systemic Look at the Legal Issues in Restorative JusticeArticle
Schimmel, N.The moral case for restorative justice as a corollary of the responsibility to protect: A Rwandan case study of the insufficiency of impact of retributive justice on the rights and well-being of genocide survivorsArticle
Ta-Nehisi CoatesRevisits the Case for ReparationsArticle
Ta-Nehisi CoatesThe case for reparations.Article
Ta-Nehisi CoatesBetween the World and MeBook
Walgrave, Lode.Investigating the potentials of restorative justice practiceArticleRestorative Justice
Walker, M. U.Restorative justice and reparationsArticle
Wenzel, M., Okimoto, T.G., Feather, N.T., & Platow, M.J.Retributive and restorative justiceArticle
Donnelly, Ellen A.Can Legislatures Redress Racial Discrimination in Capital Punishment? Evaluating Racial Justice Acts in Response to McCleskeyArticleRedress: McKleskey & Capital Punishment cases
Bell, D.AAnd we are not saved: The elusive quest for racial justice.Book
Bell, D.AWhite superiority in America: Its legal legacy, its economic costsArticle
Bell, D.ABrown v. Board of Education and the unfulfilled hopes for racial reformBook
Bittker, B.I.The case for black reparations.Book
Weyeneth, R. R.The power of apology and the process of historical reconciliation.ArticleReconciliation
Yamamoto, E. K.Interracial justice: Conflict and reconciliation in post-civil rights AmericaArticleReconciliation
Yamamoto, E. K.Friend, or foe or something else: Social meanings of redress and reparationsArticleReconciliation
Yamamoto, E. K.Critical race praxis: Race theory and political lawyering practice in post-civil rights AmericaArticleReconciliation
Yamamoto, Eric K., Serrano, Susan K., Rodriguez, Michelle NatividadAmerican Racial Justice on Trial –Again: African American Reparations, Human Rights and the War on Terror.ArticleReconciliation