Reparations Task Force, Truth Telling Initiatives 

Legislative mapping, 1993-2023 

Welcome to our newest mapping project where we are tracking legislative bills on reparations task force or truth telling and reconciliation commissions. As of 2020, we are tracking 147 legislative bills. Of these bills, ten failed, one is currently in committee, three were introduced, five referred and two withdrawn. Resulting n 116 efforts passed. California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey and North Carolina represented the states with the most legislative action. Please navigate the drop down to look at specific states and the designation and status of the bills. Further, you can click on the specific site to open a hyperlink to view the bill.

In addition to the map below, Howard University Law students developed an inaugural report on Transitional Justice Mechanisms in the United States. This report provides a more in-depth analysis of US efforts.. The research for the report was performed in Professor Darin Johnson’s Spring 2023 semester of the International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice seminar.